Gwaltney Family Homecoming 2009

Here are some photos from the 2009 Nationwide Gwaltney Family Homecoming. We were able to get some group or family photos from many of those who attended Friday evening, July 24, and then were also have some action shots of the activities from Saturday, July 25. If you attended, I hope these photos will bring back great memories!

Tommy, Annette, and Ralph

Bill, Harriette, Dr. Bill and Mitzi

Marie, Rita, and Bobby

Betty and Robert


Wayne (with his eyes closed like I usually have my eyes closed in pictures too) and Kate

Trey plays out some ragtime on the piano

Dot shows off some of her quilts
Annette talking with Jerry Sr. Becky and Susan
Bina and Mayor Will Brittany, Keith, and May Helen
Talitha and Cliff Donald takes a question from Jenny
Gerald and Sheila Gilbert and Evelyn
Jerry and Margaret Keith and Carolyn
Melvin and Elsie Sarah and Elizabeth
Joe and Jenny Nelson
Dr. Jack greets the audience and shares about his Gwaltney research Dot
Doris, Kennith, Linda, Horace, Barbara, and Nichele Gene
Janet and Christopher work on their questionaire