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Interesting Gwaltney Family Information

Noted Gwaltney Authors

1.Leslie Lee Gwaltney (VIRGINIA/ALABAMA)--The editor of The Alabama Baptist for the first half of the 20th century, Leslie Lee was a prolific writer on spiritual matters. Some of his works include:

Man's Fairest Hope [1929]
Christ And Our Liberties [1937]
A Rosary Of Facts [1937]
Herald Of Freedom [1939]
Forty Of The Twentieth [1940]
A Message For Today On The Chariots Of Fire [1941]

2.Francis Irby Gwaltney (ARKANSAS)--A fictional writer with a southern flavor. His book, Between Heaven and Hell, was made into a movie starring Robert Wagner, Buddy Ebsen, and Broderick Crawford. Some of his works include:

The Yeller-Headed Summer [1954]
The Day The Century Ended [1955]
Between Heaven And Hell [1956]
A Moment Of Warmth [1957]
The Numbers Of Our Days [1959]
A Step In The River [1960]

3.Don Gwaltney(OK/IL/SC)--He found success writing advertisements and jingles and has authored several books as well including the following: 

The Not to Be Forgotten Forties, Apple Core Press, 1996

The Bandit Joaquin, An Orphaned Mexican`s Search for Revenge in the California Gold Rush, Apple Core Press, 1997

Legends of the Heisman, Apple Core Press, 2000

The Best Pizza Recipes in America, Apple Core Press, 2000

High Cotton Elsa: A family's incredible journey from Spring Island S.C. to Chicago Illinois and back, BookSurge Publishing, 2005

4.Doris Gwaltney (VIRGINIA)--Doris Gwaltney is the author of three novels, Shakespeare's Sister,  Duncan Browdie, Gent and Homefront. Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in the Greensboro Review, Poet's Domain magazine, and other publications. She teaches writing for the Lifelong Learning Society at Christopher Newport University and resides in Smithfield, Virginia

Noted Gwaltney Athletes and Entertainers:

1.Bobby Walden was a punter with the Pittsburg Steelers in the 1960's and 1970's. He is the son of Mattie Lou  "Dinah" Gwaltney, the daughter of Robert Hilton Gwaltney of Florida.

2.Chance Gwaltney, of Grady Co. Georgia was a place-kicker for Florida State.

3.Lee Gwaltney, of TX, was a minor league pitcher for the Phillies and the Cubs.

4.Jack Merritt Gwaltney III, of Virginia, is accomplished both on stage and film.

5.Thomas Oliver "Tommy" Gwaltney III, of Wakefield, VA was an accomplished jazz musician in the 1950's and 1960's and owned the jazz club, Blues Alley,  in Washington DC.


Jack Merritt Gwaltney Sr. store in Norfolk, VA