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2014 Gwaltney Homecoming

On Thursday, some of us gathered early for a nice dinner at Anna's Italian Ristorante in Smithfield, VA

Pat and Charlie

Cousins Harriet and Bill


Jessica, Mason, and AnnaLeah

Talitha and Cliff

Peggy and Dell

Margaret and Jerry

Celia and Wayne

Mary and Dewey

Thomas and Dee

Bobby, Jill, and Banks

Will and Bina

Debbie, John, and Betty

Helen and Jean

Dell, Jill, Lois, Don, and Peggy share about their group.

Nelson always does a great job of entertaining us.

Lynsey and AnnaLeah

Bill, Sandra, Ellen, and others wait to go to St. Luke's.

Helen, Evelyn, and Dot head to St. Luke's.

Cousin Horace

The family outside St. Luke's after hearing the worship service.

Maria, Joseph, and Michael