Gwaltneys In America-4

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The Gwaltney with the longest moniker, Albert Johnson Jefferson Davis Stonewell Jackson Stephen Lee Gwaltney. Thankfully, he went by Albert Johnson!

Franklin Monroe Gwaltney of Pitt Co. NC. He was a Civil War veteran and the father of Albert Johnson Jefferson Davis Stonewell Jackson Stephen Lee Gwaltney. Unfortunately, Franklin Monroe was killed during the War in 1864 and didn't get to raise AJSDSJSL Gwaltney. But Franklin gets the credit for naming his last-born son!

Clarence and Royal Gwaltney. Royal died as a teenager.

Bertie Obena Gwaltney of NC milking the cow or perhaps using the cow's milk to feed the cat!

Frankie and Cullen Gwaltney

The Javy Lee Gwaltney family